Saturday, 15 July 2017

Lamb Keema made easy

Last week, Lamb Keema featured as one of our dishes on the Fresh Takeaway menu. 

Since then, we have had several requests for the recipe. If you fancy making this authentic, Indian dish at's how.

1 x Bhuna Curry Kit from Curry with Love
400g lamb mince
75g frozen peas
1 tbsp tomato puree
300ml lamb stock
1 tbsp rapeseed oil

Put spice pack 2, from the Bhuna Curry Kit in a bowl and add 500ml boiled water,
Stir and leave to one side.

Heat the oil in a pan over a low heat,
add spice pack 1 from the Bhuna Curry Kit,
fry until fragrant.

Add the lamb mince, along with a good pinch of salt and stir.

Cook the mince until browned.

Add the tomato puree and stock to the pan.

After approx 20 mins. your onions (from spice pack 2) will be soft. They should have sucked up all of the water, but if not, drain through a sieve and then add to the pan.
Add the peas and stir well.

Cook until the peas are cooked, then serve with basmati rice or chapatis.

Serves 4

Curry with Love

Monday, 6 March 2017

Our New 'Fresh' Curry range

Our trip to India was well overdue. Sourcing spices was not our aim, (we have that side of things covered). What we really wanted, was to sample some amazing food, get some tips, pick up new skills from creative chefs and try some home cooked Indian cuisine.

Before departure, mum and I thought we were content on using any new found skills and recipes for our own private dining wrong we were. After sampling many delights of northern Indian cooking, we just knew that we had to let our followers back home taste some of these amazing flavours.

From the minute we landed at New Delhi, the assault on the senses was overwhelming. Having digested the initial shock of Indian life, it was time to digest the food. We wasted no time at all in tucking into our first meal of tempered black lentils, vegetable biriani and garlic naan. From this point on we ate Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well we didn't want to miss any opportunity right!

We quickly learned that the Indian folk are extremely generous with their time. After initially laughing at mum and I when we told them we made 'Curry' in the UK, they were only too eager to help and impart their wisdom on us. As a result, we ate like Queens, put on 2 kilos, and had the aroma of curry leaking from our pores by the time we headed for home.

With some exciting new recipes and inspiring ideas, there was only 1 way we could grow our range of curries. On Friday 17th March, Curry with Love will be launching a new 'Fresh' range of chilled Indian food.

Our aim is to create new dishes each week, which will initially include 1 meat dish, 1 vegetarian dish and a couple of side dishes. The 'Fresh' range will be available to purchase each Friday and Saturday and can be bought from our Ixworth shop.

With just 2 weeks to perfect our opening range of Indian dishes, the pressure is on. The menu will be released on the 13th March. You will have the chance to pre order any of the dishes in advance, for collection between 17-18th March. Failing that, why not swing past the shop and pick yourself up a (not so common) Indian Takeaway.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Ghost

For many years, Naga Curry has been a firm favourite of mine. It’s one of my go-to dishes when I’m ordering Indian food. There’s just something about that hot, fruity, chilli that I adore. It’s distinct flavour is easily identifiable via both smell and taste. It sets my taste buds tingling and I find the heat so addictive.

I have experimented with many different Naga Curry recipes over the past few years, but I have never been able to get the balance of flavours just right. In my opinion, it should be hot, but not blow your head off. It needs to be sweet and not sour. It has to be balanced with other heady spices that are robust enough to compete with the chilli kick. Most of all, it’s got to always leave you wanting more.

I made it my mission this year to nail this recipe, and when a customer of ours brought us a huge bag of dried Naga Chillies, which he had lovingly grown and dried himself…well, I had no option but to head back into the kitchen.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the health benefits of turmeric. I know it’s healthy properties are increased when it’s cooked and also, when it’s paired with black pepper. I wanted to get this combination into our Naga Curry. After all, we all want to know that what we are eating not only tastes amazing, but is also doing us good.
In addition to this spice wonder duo, I also put in some fenugreek for good measure. Fenugreek is another super spice in my opinion (and it also tastes and smells amazing).

So after many weeks committed to getting this one just right, on Friday 13th January…I’m happy to say that ‘The Ghost’ Curry Kit will soon be making an 
appearance on our ever expanding menu. 
Give it a go IF YOU DARE!

'The Ghost' will be available in Hot and Extra Hot  


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Lovin' a Laksa

As many of our loyal followers will know, our Curry Kits are extremely versatile. It's just a matter of experimentation.

Below you will find full instructions of how to turn our
 'Curry with Love' 
  Curry Kit into a beautiful, fragrant Laksa.                        

You will need:

 1 tbsp coconut oil
 1 x 'Curry with Love' Curry Kit
 1 x 400ml tin of coconut milk
 300ml vegetable or chicken stock
 1/2 tbsp of thai fish sauce
 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce (if veggie / vegan switch the soy   
 & thai fish sauce for 1tbsp of tamari instead)
 1 tbsp of peanut butter
 600g of meat / fish / veggies (or a combination)
 300g of dried rice noodles
 Handful of fresh coriander leaves, lime wedges & 
 sliced spring onions to garnish.


Heat the oil in a large pan, over a low heat.
Add spice pack 1 from the 'Curry with Love' Curry Kit.
When fragrant add your choice of meat / veggies and coat in the spices.
(if using fish wait until the Laksa is cooked, then add at the end and poach in the sauce).
Add the coconut milk, stock, soy sauce, thai fish sauce and peanut butter.
Add spice pack 2 from the Curry Kit. Stir well.
The onions (contained in spice pack 2) will take about 20 minutes to soften. When this happens, add the dried rice noodles and stir well.
When the noodles are soft the Laksa is ready to serve.
Spoon between 4 bowls, garnish with the coriander, spring onions and lime wedges.

Why not try these beautiful flavour combinations:
Chicken, pak choi & pea aubergine.
King Prawn, baby sweetcorn & french beans.
Salmon, hard boiled egg & asparagus.
                                                    Butternut squash & spinach.       

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Butter Chicken Recipe

Here at Curry with Love, we constantly get asked for a Butter Chicken Curry Kit

Because Mum and I are always striving to meet our customers needs, we set about trying to create it.

After many hours of research and experimental cooking, we came up with the recipe. It was only whilst starting to package it up, that we realised the spices used were almost identical to that of our Tikka Masala Curry Kits! 

Many other Chefs, who specialise in Indian cookery, will agree that the spices are virtually the same. And so Mummy B and I offer you, our  customers, a very easy solution to a Butter Chicken recipe. 

You will need the following:

1 x Tikka Masala Curry Kit from 'Curry with Love'
200g butter
400g tin chopped tomatoes
200ml double cream
800g chicken (skinless, boneless thighs work best)


Heat the butter in a heavy bottomed pan until melted.

Add spice pack 1 (from the Tikka Masala Curry Kit).

When fragrant, add the chicken and coat in the spices.
When the meat is sealed, add the tomatoes.
Add spice pack 2 (from the Tikka Masala Curry Kit).
Simmer over a low heat until the chicken is tender. (If using chicken on the bone, this could take around 90 minutes. Breast will be quicker, but won't be as tender).
Just before serving, add the double cream and stir well.

Serve with a squeeze of lime.

Easy peasy, limey squeeze!!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

'The Daddy' A Curry created from the love and loss of my Dad. Johnny Dolla 1932 - 2016

Our family run business "Curry with Love" was started back in November 2011. Mum and I knew we had a great product, with a lot of potential, but we had no outlet. That's when My dear old Dad, suggested we use half of his market stall on Bury St Edmunds market.

Thanks to him, and the continued support and drive that all our family members have offered, 'Curry with Love' is a successful and ever growing food business.

Our principles have not changed. Our quality of ingredients are still the best we can source. Our aim to offer you a healthy and authentic range of Curry Kits, is still clear.

What has changed though, was the loss of my Dad in January 2016. 

My Dad was diagnosed with Cancer just 4 weeks before he died. Before he passed, he told Mum and I to take the business all the way. So that is exactly what we intend to do.

We know that our customers love to try new products, so it is our aim this year to bring you some well chosen, well executed dishes.

We start this year off with 'The Daddy'. A recipe based on a Garlic, Chilli Chicken dish. My Dad never did get to try this one, as it was still being created when he passed. However, I know he would of loved it!

This blog is not to push our products on you, but to bring your attention to how important family is. Family is not just about blood relatives, but it includes all of those people who are dear to you. Be kind and true to your family, because we never know when they will leave us behind.