Sunday, 24 April 2016

'The Daddy' A Curry created from the love and loss of my Dad. Johnny Dolla 1932 - 2016

Our family run business "Curry with Love" was started back in November 2011. Mum and I knew we had a great product, with a lot of potential, but we had no outlet. That's when My dear old Dad, suggested we use half of his market stall on Bury St Edmunds market.

Thanks to him, and the continued support and drive that all our family members have offered, 'Curry with Love' is a successful and ever growing food business.

Our principles have not changed. Our quality of ingredients are still the best we can source. Our aim to offer you a healthy and authentic range of Curry Kits, is still clear.

What has changed though, was the loss of my Dad in January 2016. 

My Dad was diagnosed with Cancer just 4 weeks before he died. Before he passed, he told Mum and I to take the business all the way. So that is exactly what we intend to do.

We know that our customers love to try new products, so it is our aim this year to bring you some well chosen, well executed dishes.

We start this year off with 'The Daddy'. A recipe based on a Garlic, Chilli Chicken dish. My Dad never did get to try this one, as it was still being created when he passed. However, I know he would of loved it!

This blog is not to push our products on you, but to bring your attention to how important family is. Family is not just about blood relatives, but it includes all of those people who are dear to you. Be kind and true to your family, because we never know when they will leave us behind.


  1. I might be slightly biased as John was my brother-in-law and i loved him dearly. He was a wonderful man. He left behind a beautiful wife,3 wonderful children and 4 adorable grandsons. He would be so proud of what they have achieved as we all are. May they go from strength to strength and with everyone's added support I'm sure they will. X

  2. Thank you Annie for you kind words, encouragement and everlasting support x